Lori has been working at Oak Park Chiropractic since graduating in 2008.  She enjoys working at the clinic and enjoys living in the local community since moving from London, Ontario in 1995.

Lori Metcalfe massage therapistLori strives for the best care and results for each individual and was pleased to receive (along with coworker Andrea Arnold) the Oakville Beaver’s Reader’s Choice Gold Award for 2012.

To further advance patient care she specializes in the treatment of TMJ dysfunctions and has introduced the use of spider tech taping in her treatments for those patient’s who could benefit from it.

Regardless of your focus Lori will provide you with a specialized treatment tailored to your specific needs.

One of the greatest rewards of Lori’s job is being able to alleviate soreness and pain from an individual’s body.  Lori has seen first hand how effective and beneficial massage therapy is on the whole body.  Lori herself gets regular massage therapy treatments as well as regular Chiropractic adjustments.  The two treatments compliment each other perfectly.

With the regular treatments she is able to remain pain free in order to give her patient’s the best possible treatment.

Lori is pleased to be able to provide an alternative choice to health care.  Book your appointment today with Lori.